My Top 10 Keto Tips For Success!

Keto4Karboholics’s Top 10 Keto Tips

Kassey Cameron

1.     Know your macros!! I can NOT stress this enough! The best way to lose weight and stay in ketosis is to eat to YOUR specific macros. Everybody is different and requires different breakdowns of macronutrients. Someone that is 5’7 and lifts weights 5 days a week an hour a day does not have the same needs as someone 5’7 who walks a mile a day even if they weigh the exact same amount! Google Ruled.Me macro calculator and be VERY honest. For body fat % take your body measurements and input them into a body fat calculator to get the most accurate data.

2.     Speaking of body measurements, take them and track them weekly! On keto you may find you lose inches some weeks and not lbs. Knowing where you stand will keep you from getting discouraged.

3.     STAY AWAY FROM THE SCALE!! Your weight fluctuates daily and the number on the scale is not always an accurate representation of your progress. Try to just weigh once a week so the fluctuations do not discourage you. I have heard people say that they were good all week and ONLY lost a lb so they decided to cheat. Well a) ONLY a lb is still a lb down and b) that cheat doesn’t help the scale go down! It takes hard work and consistency to lose those lbs. If the scale stays the same or goes down any amount that is a WIN! That is the mind set you need to get into.

4.     You don’t deserve a cheat! Don’t bargain with yourself and say, “well I was so good all week I deserve that bag of chips”. Plan for a cheat meal and make sure that you understand that it CAN set you back by kicking you out of ketosis and gaining water weight. A last minute cheat is rarely worth it, especially if you are eating your feelings. But planning for one in advance and knowing that tomorrow the  scale will be up from WATER weight(no you did not gain 5lbs of fat from fries) is a different story. If you set the expectations right you won’t have that horrible regret. Also try to limit yourself to a max of one cheat MEAL per month. It takes about 5-7 days to get back into ketosis and lose that cheat meal water weight so you don’t want to make it a weekly thing.

5.     Limit your sweets! Just because you can fit 12 fat bombs into your macros does not mean you should. Too much sweetener can cause weight loss stalls!

6.     In addition, you need to make sure you are eating a varied diet! Keto is not about guzzling fat and eating bacon. This is a moderately low protein high fat diet. And veggies are very very important. Leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts are staples in my home. I eat at least 3-4 cups of spinach EVERY day. You need your micronutrients and fiber on this diet and many of the problems I hear those on keto talk about are from not getting enough fiber, potassium, and magnesium!

7.     Eat to YOUR macros and TRACK( Myfitnesspal, Cronometer, and Carbmanager are good options to track)! Make sure to stay at or slightly under calories and protein. Fats you want to strive to always hit but no more than 10g under or over. While protein is not evil too much will stall your weight loss! And you need to retrain you mind, FAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU FAT! Fat is your energy source on keto and it is very important to hit this macro. That doesn’t mean drinking oil and butter. You can have avocados, macadamia nuts, dairy, MCT oil, coconut oil, veggies sautéed in butter, celery dipped in blue cheese dressing, just get creative and choose the best nutrient dense options to maximize your macros.

8.     Make realistic goals. When I first started at 188lbs I said I would love to lose 50lbs but that seems impossible…I would be happy with 30lbs. So I make 50lbs my stretch goal, 30lbs my long term goal, and 15 lbs my short term 3 month goal. I hit my long term goal in under 3 months! And I was able to actually lose 55lbs! BUT I set realistic expectations and I was so happy along the way because every goal I met I felt happier and stronger, like I could do this for forever. If I had set my 3 month goal to 50lbs I probably would have felt a little disappointed not hitting it. Not that I wouldn’t have been happy with my lose, but I like hitting my goals. So make yours realistic!

9.     Be kind to yourself! Stop saying I am so fat, or yeah I lost weight but still have a hell of  lot more to lose! I hear that SOO often! Build yourself up, be your own cheerleader. When you are happy and in a good mindset you feel better and eat better. It’s so easy to tear yourself down and then convince yourself to just cheat because you are just hopeless and have too much to lose. But don’t! Celebrate every day you stick to keto! Whether you lose weight or not you are making a healthy change and are moving towards your goals. Doing nothing would make things worse. 0.2lbs lost is 0.2lbs less than the day before! And you know what 50 days of 0.2lbs down gets you to 10lbs lost! 5 weeks of 2lbs down gets you to 10lbs down. It all adds up! Some weeks you may lose a lb others 5lbs treat each loss like a win!

10.  Keep things interesting! Try a new recipe every week! You don’t have to eat the same thing every day( you can if it makes you happy though). Trying new things and experimenting makes you feel less like you are on a diet. I rarely repeat recipes(I like to share something new every day) and my husband is always excited to get home from work and try something different. But even just one thing a week breaks up the routine. Also try making your favorite dish once a week too as a little treat!