2 Keto Week Meal Plan WITH Macro Calculation

2 Keto Week Meal Plan WITH Macro Calculation


This plan is a general ketogenic meal plan based upon 5% carbs, 15% protein, and 80% fats(keeping calories at under 1500 a day). While this is not custom fit to your macros you will have your macros calculated for you so that you can tailor this plan to meet your needs. This is the type of meal plan that has been used in my Weight Loss Challenges to help thousands lose weight! These recipes use commonly found ingredients that you can find in your local super market (although some items will be less expensive on Amazon). I create recipes that are loved by the whole family so you don’t need to cook several different meals to please the picky eaters in your home.

You get:

  1. Custom macros calculated for your needs!

  2. Grocery Lists

  3. Breakfasts/Lunches/Dinners/Dessert recipes

  4. Information on how to start keto broken down for even the beginner!

  5. And 2 weeks of 3 meals a day and a dessert planned out!

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