Summer Is Here Weight Loss Challenge

Summer Is Here Weight Loss Challenge


This is a 6 week challenge (plus a bonus 7 days prep/education BEFORE the start date) starting July 1st( group OPENS June 24th)! You receive a 5 week ketogenic meal plan complete with grocery list, 3 meals and snacks a day, PLUS recipes! You will learn how to meal plan, adjust macros, and most importantly live a healthy life and reach your goal weight! In addition, you will have access to the private Challenge Facebook group that offers support, answers to questions, and additional recipes and suggestions(the accountability is one of the reasons I have so many repeat challengers).

Sign ups CLOSE June 23rd OR as soon as we sell out(the last few challenges sold out 1-2 weeks early)! We ALWAYS sell out and can not make exceptions. We do this to ensure the groups do not get too large. Once you sign up there is a digital download which MUST be downloaded within 24 hours of receiving the link (this means 24 hours after signing up not 24hrs from when you decide to open the email)!

Everyone is welcome to compete for the CASH prize. 20% of the profits will be put towards the CASH prize(my last two challenge’s prizes were $12,000 and $9,500)! Two people will split the cash prize.

  • 1 of the winners will be the participant who has lost the highest % of weight and the second person will be randomly selected live on video! So how are you selected?

  • Each week you send me in a weigh in video (only I see it). For every lb you lose you get an entry, for every week you send me a weigh in video you get an entry(here is your accountability), and a bonus 5 entries for whoever loses the most weight! Thats it! The winner will have the funds sent by PayPal or bank check, whichever they prefer!

  • In addition there is a weekly giveaway that everyone that participates and maintains or loses weight is entered to win! Prizes are all keto/cooking products (Ketone meter, Chocolate, MCT Powders, Immersion blender, Cookbooks are all past giveaway prizes).

You will receive your invitation for the group on JUNE 24th. It is VERY important that you enter your email correctly when signing up PLEASE TRIPLE CHECK THIS(if you don’t receive your download and receipt right away that means there was a typo and you should email me to correct this)! Look for an email sent to the email you provide when you sign up and also check your spam.

The first weigh in is on the July 1st and is the official first day of the challenge. I open the group 7 days prior (June 24th) so that I can start educating you on what keto is, how the challenge works, get you your macros, and answer any questions BEFORE the first weigh in so everyone hits the ground running day 1. Plus it gives you time to meal prep!

There is a cap on this challenge and I will update here as it fills up 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the way. Once it is full it will say OUT OF STOCK and will not let you buy. All of my challenges sell out. I unfortunately can not make exceptions after the date/it fills up.

Common Questions:

So What is the challenge?
This is a 6 week challenge(6 weeks plus the bonus week of prep/education). You receive a 5 week meal plan complete with grocery list( the 6th week you will meal plan on your own with my aid), 3 meals plus snacks a day, and recipes. Everyone receives the same meal plan which is calculated to fit within 90% of those that enter the challenge macros. You will then learn how to adjust your day to hit the macros I will calculate custom to you, and most importantly learn how live a healthy life and reach your goal weight! NO special supplements/shakes/or workouts are part of the challenge(just good food and macro tracking). In addition, you will have access to the private Challenge Facebook group (YOU MUST HAVE FACEBOOK even if its blank and you use it just for the challenge it is a REQUIREMENT) that offers support, answers to questions, and additional recipes and suggestions.

How do I weigh in?
You will send in a weigh in video each week. You send a video of you getting on the scale(I need to see your whole body many people wear bathing suits or workout clothing) and then you say a phrase that’s given the night before weigh in(this ensures it’s current). It comes to me alone and is not public. This is to ensure there is no cheating and also helps hold you accountable. You do NOT need to compete and can join for the meal plan and support.

Do these meal plans feed my whole family?

Yes! They are meant to feed 4(and some have leftovers). You can halve the recipes if you like to make less. You can also freeze leftovers in individual servings to make for some quick meals at a later date. I keep picky eaters in mind with my recipes and I have received a lot of positive feedback from past participants that spouses/kids loved the recipes!

How do I get my Cash Prize:
The winners will have the funds sent by PayPal or bank check, whichever they prefer!

When will I receive my meal plan and invite to the support group?
The meal plan is located under FILES in the private group. You can download it once you have received your invite to the group (1 week before the start date) but you also receive it via email in both PDF and .Doc files.

Do I need to buy supplements/shakes/workouts from you?
NO! I don’t sell any of those things(and I don’t get paid to endorse specific products) ! Almost all the items on your grocery list will be able to be found at a local supermarket. A handful of items will need to be bought on Amazon( erythritol, almond flour, xanthin gum). This diet works because you track your macros and eat good food! No need for any extra products to “get you into ketosis”.

This will be my 13th Challenge! I have many repeat challengers that love the support and recipes they get from the challenge. This is also a great opportunity for those that are new to keto and don't know where to start. So sign up today, its only $60!

*This plan is NOT meant to treat any medical conditions. You are entering into a Ketogenic Weight Loss Challenge and by signing up you acknowledge that once you have recieved the invite and meal plans you will not be eligible for a refund. Always consult a health care professional about any concerns or questions you have before making dietary changes no matter what diet you may be starting*

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